9060 Two-Piece Handhelds

Complete Control and Flexibility.

With a full QWERTY keyboard, the 9060 has the ability to create data templates that can be customised to suit specific requirements. This allows for the recording of vaccinations, weights, or other information against the individual animal or mob being read. The 9060 has storage capacity of up to 100,000 RFID numbers or up to 40,000 RFID numbers with full data records.

RF ID Reader - Livestock 9060 Two-piece Wand 

Bluetooth˜All Aleis Two-Piece Handhelds are available with optional Bluetooth capability.


9060 Product Brochure 9060 Product Brochure (626 KB)

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RFID SolutionsThe full range of livestock RFID Readers displayed on our website demonstrate the broad spectrum of RFID livestock solutions which offer a wide variety of options customised to meet your requirements. Aleis is the world leader in manufacturing, supplying and installation of RFID (radio frequency-identification products and systems for the livestock industry. Learn more about Aleis.


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Talk to an Aleis DistributorNeed to know more about this RFID equipment? Aleis has an experienced sales and support team located across the globe to assist you with all of your livestock reading equipment requirements. Find your local Aleis Distributor or Agent or to get further information about our products and services by contacting us now.

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Aleis Distributors are located all over the world. Contact us directly from the "Get A Quote" tab on this section, or locate your nearest Aleis Distributor to ask about any of our RFID products and solutions.

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If we can help you with obtaining pricing for this RFID solution, please complete the below form. Your nearest Aleis Distributor can also assist with pricing. All Aleis products are made from the highest quality components and built to withstand the harshest of working environments while remaining cost effective, reliable, and innovative. Aleis is renowned for its knowledge of industry requirements, technical support, and after-sale service. We is an ISO accredited company and products comply with all ISO 11784-11785 livestock devices.


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the company I work for (PGG Wrightson) has one of these and the cable that they use to hook it up to the computer has worn out and we need to replace it. I have a photo of the cable which I can give you, but can't attach it to this . We need to replace it. It looks like an old RGB cable at one end and it has a round plastic plug with 6 metal pins on the other (again I can give you a photo) Can you tell me either how much one costs, or who I can contact to get one?

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