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Aleis Readers 8030/50 & 9030/50/60 Series Software Upgrade

BEFORE downloading  the following file(s), you must confirm the current version of software in your reader. This can be done via the MENU.  Enter the MENU select "Reader Information" .   Check the 2nd line SW:

If you have Version then choose the file download from below
If you have Version then choose the file download from below.

Version is for the HDX readers only.
Version is for the New ISO FDX/HDX readers.

If the wrong  software is flashed into the reader, damage may occur and the unit will have to be sent back to Aleis for Repair.


1. Right click on the File Download link below. Select "Save target as ..." from the pop up window. Copy into a new folder on your PC. Make one called "Aleis Mot Files" for example.

2. Once you have downloaded the file you will need download the Aleis DataLink file and install it first if you already haven't done so. Aleis DataLink is a self install wizard program just follow the prompts. Aleis DataLink is needed to update your readers software.

3. To update reader software open, Aleis DataLink, Click on Setup, click on Update Reader Software and follow the prompts. Don't forget to browse for the mot. file when prompted. After you have updated the reader you must FORMAT the file system. Click on the "Format File System" button and follow the prompts. Next, reset the defaults —select the reader from the drop down box in setup.  Click on the "Reset to factory defaults" button and follow the prompts.

NOTE:  You must use a Serial Port to Update for the Readers Software, a USB to Serial Adaptor will not work. However a USB to Serial Adaptor will work for all other communications with the reader.


6.007.mot 6.007.mot (684 KB)

5.026.mot 5.026.mot (624 KB)


Aleis Datalink Software

Released : 13-Feb-2013Last Update : 09-May-2014

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