World wastes 30% of all food

Monday, June 06, 2011

There’s no reason to waste food. 

A gut-wrenching fact: 30% of all food produced in the world each year is wasted or lost, with developed countries wasting 10 times more food than a developing one.  That’s about 1.3 billion tons, according to a new report by the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization. That’s the weight of more than 8.6 million full-grown blue whales, the largest creatures on earth or the weight of more than 2.3 million Airbus A380s, the largest commercial planes in existence.  It’s almost unfathomable isn’t it?

Here’s another statistic: all the food that the world’s richest countries waste is about equal to all the food that sub-Saharan Africa produces. Basically, the waste of the rich could feed much of the African continent.

A major change of mindset is what is needed, and one of the biggest challenges is helping people get over the perception of food perfection.

 The U.N.  suggests:

  • Charities work together with markets to collect food that’s unsold and about to pass its expiry date to be redistributed or cooked up at food kitchens for the needy and homeless.
    Simply don’t buy more food than you need.  You’re more likely to not finish it, you’ll end up throwing it away and you’ll have wasted your money.
    And my own personal tip: if I eat at a restaurant and can’t finish it all, I ask for a doggie bag.

 It’s up to all of us to use our common sense to eat and shop just a bit wiser.  Remember, we’ve got 1.3 billion tons of food on our plate to clean up – each year and counting.

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