Do any of the Aleis RFID readers have a visual display or visual counter?


The 7020 RFID reader has a visual counter only. This reader displays the animal count whilst you are reading, it sets to 0 when a new session is created.

Any of the Aleis readers that start with the number "8" or "9" have a visual display screen. They will display for example; the RFID number, animal count, date and time, battery level indicator, RF signal indicator. Any readers starting with number "9" will also show your own personal data that you have entered into templates against mobs or single cattle.

For producer RFID products, these models are: 8030, 9030, 8050 and 9060.

For industrial RFID products, these models are: FFW 8050, FFW 9060, 8033, 8053 and 9063.

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