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1Aleis RFID readers offer many methods for transfers, what are they?Software
2Are all Aleis RFID units waterproof?Multiple
3Are there any hidden costs when buying an Aleis RFID reader?Multiple
4Can Aleis provide me with a battery powered RFID reader?Multiple
5Can I mount a RFID race reader on steel?Multiple
6Can the Aleis RFID readers withstand tough weather conditions?Multiple
7Can we sync Aleis RFID equipment to others?Multiple
8Can you see the screen of the RFID reader you are working on?Multiple
9Do any of the Aleis RFID readers have a visual display or visual counter?Multiple
10Do I have to set anything up?Producer
11Do I have to take my computer to the yards?Producer
12Do I have to tune my RFID race reader?Multiple
13Do the Aleis readers read/scan all RFID approved tags and boluses?Multiple
14Does Aleis supply a portable handheld RFID reader?Multiple
15Does the Aleis RFID race antenna / saleyard antenna have any null spot(s)?Multiple
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